Embedded Software
Nikhilon offer a high level of Embedded Software Design Services. Product Requirement Analysis in detail & Architectural design based on the analysis.
  • Turn-key System level Embedded Software projects (Design, Coding, Testing & Maintenance)
  • Drive development for various Operating Systems (Windows, WINCE, LINUX)
  • Board Support Packages [BSP] Development (U-Boot Loader, Linux Kernel Porting, Application Integrations)
  • System Diagnostics / Statistics applications development on boot loader, Linux Kernel
  • Linux Operating System Porting & Customization
  • Approach
  • Analyzing Software Requirements based on Control / Data flow architecture models
  • Software Component / Functional Partitioning and Specification Preparation
  • Analyzing Software Functional and Architectural Design Specifications.
  • Software Component preparation based on Structured Analysis and Design Techniques.
  • Software architecture development / implementation for High End Computational systems.
  • Software Services Offered for Board Support Packages
  • U-Boot & Red Boot Loaders porting, System failsafe, Firmware upgrade feature integrations
  • Linux Kernel Porting, Root File System optimizations
  • Configurations of DDR2, DDR3 Memories.
  • Development of Board / Processor configuration scripts based on BDI2000 debuggers.
  • Validation of Boards using debugger scripts.
  • Board / Processor support implementation on OpenOCD Debugger connected with Parallel Port JTAG.
  • Software Services Offered for Device Driver
  • Device Driver Development / Porting for PCI, PCIe, USB, SDIO High Speed Interconnects
  • Device Driver Development / Porting for LCD, E-Ink, Touch Panel Display Devices
  • Device Driver Development / Porting for I2S, AC97, TDM Audio/Voice interface
  • Device Driver development for SPI, USART, I2C Interconnects
  • Device Driver development / porting for MII, RMII, RGMII Ethernet Interfaces
  • Software Services Offered for HDL
  • RTL implementation in VHDL and Verilog
  • FPGA and CPLD Based Architectures
  • HDLC Protocol implementation
  • Wrapper Layer implementation
  • Glue logic implementation
  • Xilinx, Altera, Lattice Semiconductors
  • Protocols
  • Communication: SPI, RS-232, RS422, USB, CAN, I2C, UART, PCI, PCIe, UN I/O
  • Video: NTSC/PAL, HDMI, H.264, MPEG-4
  • Networking: TCP / IP , ETHERNET
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, WiFi, WLAN 802.11, ZigBee, WiMax
  • Encryption: KeeLoq [AES, DES], Differential Manchester [AES, DES]
  • Architecture: AMBA, AXI, APB, AHB
  • Testing: JTAG
  • We are a Bangalore based leading Technology Service Provider involved in Embedded Systems Design, Product Engineering.

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